Teaching activities

Fundamentals of Quantum Theory

Symmetry of Molecules

Introduction to QM

Mathematics for Quantum Theory

Variational Methods

Asymptotic Methods in Physics

Problems in Atomic and Molecular Physics

Spectra and Structure of Molecules


Homepage of Lucie D. Augustovičová

Research Assistant Professor



Charles University in Prague

Faculty of Mathematics and Physics

Department of Chemical Physics and Optics
Quantum Physics Group

Mailing address:

Charles University in Prague

Ke Karlovu 3

CZ-121 16 Prague 2

Czech Republic


Office location: M 171, 1st floor


E-mail: lucie.augustovicova@mff.cuni.cz

Phone: +420-95155-1242

  Fax: +420-95155-1249

Fig. 1. Lucie's dream came true! Here is she anchoring
weather for Atlanta on an unnamed TV network newscast.

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