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Welcome to my website

Welcome to my website

Contact information:
Dept. of Chem. Physics and Optics
Ke Karlovu 3
121 16, Praha 2
Phone: +420 22191 1244
Email: Jiri.Klimes[at]

Two post-doc and two PhD positions available

The positions are funded via ERC grant APES: Accuracy and precision for molecular solids. In the project we want to develop accurate methods for the description of (mostly) binding properties of molecular solids. This will allow us to reliably predict stability of different phases and polymorphs. We will be also able to understand where currently widely used DFT-based methods lack accuracy. More information via e-mail.

About me

I'm a researcher at the Quantum physics department at the Faculty of Mathematics and Physics in Prague. I'm interested in the development of accurate quantum chemistry methods and in their application to interesting systems. I did my PhD with Angelos Michaelides at UCL in London and then some years of post-doc with Georg Kresse at the University of Vienna. I was a Marie Sklodowska Curie fellow at the Department of Theoretical Chemistry of the Heyrovsky Institute of Physical Chemistry in Prague.

Here you can find my CV.